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Which box should I use?

Small rectangular boxes should be used for:

  • Books/CDs/DVDs/LPs
  • Kitchen contents – jars, food packets, bottles (with cardboard dividers supplied)
  • Small, heavy items or collections of delicate items

Square boxes:

  • Kitchen equipment and crockery
  • Pictures
  • Lamps, vases, ornaments
  • Curtains and linens
  • Folded clothing
  • Walking sticks/umbrellas/sports equipment
  • Most other items that need packing

Duvets & Pillows

Duvets and pillows can be packed into boxes but are useful to us when loading if just sealed in strong plastic bags.

Hanging Clothes in wardrobes

We will provide portable wardrobe cartons to transfer clothes into, this is generally done on your removal day.

Tips for packing china:

  • Firstly place a layer of screwed up paper into the bottom of the box.
  • Plates and dishes must be wrapped and placed on their edge – not flat.
  • After the lower level has been filled with china plates and other large items, put in another layer of screwed up paper before a layer of lighter china or glass.
  • Finish the box with another layer of paper and then seal the box with a single strip of tape.
  • Ensure the box is packed as full as possible, so the box doesn’t get damaged when stacked.

Where is the box going?

Write the intended destination of the box on the tape strip that you sealed the box with, using a permanent marker pen OR, if you are not sure where the box is going write the current location on the tape.

Fill the box up

Always try to fill the box right to the top (especially when packing books), screwed up paper or soft items such as cushions can be used as good ‘fillers’. It makes the box stronger for stacking.

Remember – If it fits into a box, put it in a box!

PS:  Don’t forget – keep the kettle, tea, coffee and sugar handy – it will be much appreciated on your move day!

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